If you are a victim of wage and hour violations during COVID-19, Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, P.C. is here to provide legal advice to help you get the compensation you deserve.


The Traveling Pedicurist is on the road making house calls for Clients who need our services the most. Many compromised seniors are not physically able to see their Podiatrist for routine toenail trims due to office closures or physical limitations. We offer personalized 1:1 ratio. We serve North Carolina residents at their convenience by appointment only. Call or email for appointment: (919) 621-7027 Email: thetravelingpedicurist@gmail.com Website: www.thetravelingpedicurist.com #housecalls #licensedprofessionals #1:1ratio #Pedicurist #northcarolina #AntifungalOil #diabetics #customerservice #personalizedattention


Attorney Josh Goodbaum’s experience in Connecticut employment law ranges from discrimination and sexual harassment to wrongful termination, non-competition agreements, contract disputes, retaliation, and wage and hour issues.


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