No hay nada tan relajante y tan tierno con esta canción de cuna... ARRORRO MI NIÑO, ARRORRO MI SOL que estos pequeñitos ya quieren dormir y duérmanse pequeñitos de mi corazón There is nothing so relaxing and so tender with this lullaby ... A RU RU MY CHILD, A RU RU MY SUN that these little ones already want to sleep and fall asleep little ones of my heart...😂🐶🦢💗 #candidphotography #lullaby #naptime #manbestfriend #partnerincrime #shitzusofinstagram #shihtzulovers #kodakmoments #igers #animallovers #sundayvibes @opus_ii_


- [ 등 ] - Back 세상에서 가장 높고 넓은 나만의 • Nikon F3 _ Nikkor 50mm f1.4 • 강남 _ 서울


Freedom of the mind 💭 . . . . . Derrière des barreaux Pour quelques mots qu'il pensait si fort Dehors Oui dehors, il fait chaud Et des milliers d'oiseaux s'envolent Sans effort Quel est ce pays Où frappe la nuit La loi du plus fort? Diego, libre dans sa tête Derrière sa fenêtre S'endort peut-être [ . . . ] . . . . . . #vitraux #stainedglass #window #detail #abbayedumontsaintmichel #minimalisticphotography #minimalist #texture #kodakmoments #ig_birds #bns_france #silhouette #igf358 #igersfrance


What’s something funny, new or unexpected that you’ve learned about yourself or significant other during quarantine? I’ve learned that Eric breathes very strongly through his nose when he concentrates on the computer. Eric has learned that when I have expired food in the fridge, I just throw it in the freezer to stop the decomposition process and vow to deal with it some other time (which I don’t) We’ve actually been dating in quarantine for longer than we’ve been dating out of quarantine so needless to say, we are discovering a lot 🥰😂


Her facial expression tells the story😂😊 @mrhandsome910 my nephew and her Extra Dad/Big Brother/Confidant/and personal cheerleader managed to surprise Cleese. He has been such an important part my girls lives from walking them to McNair Elementary school in the mornings, having Cleese cry at the door when he went to work to now giving life advice and moving them into dorms. This was everything!! #kodakmoments


Danse du soleil.. #enjoy


Wild and free picking garlic by the sea. Dress @numero74_official from @scandiminis Sandals @melissajellydreams from @officeshoes Photo by Coco (10) 🌱 @representedby.me


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