Isolation Day 2684...actually did my hair🤘🏼💗 #WhatDayIsIt #FeelingHumanAgain


GUYS DON'T FORGET THAT ALL MY SERVICES ARE ON SALE RIGHT NOW. LIGHTROOM PRESET PACK 1 ON 1 EDITING LESSONS AND RETOUCHING SERVICES. SEND ME A DM FOR MORE INFORMATION. . . . And we coming back on a Tuesday guys. I'm so happy that i finally got to edit these pics. Let me tell you something about this shoot. Since loooong time ago i have been following @thekrisondra and on my last trip to los angeles i had the opportunity to work with her. Since i found her on instagram i really have to say the she is actually one of my favorite models ever and i remember i used to say that i wanted to work with her so bad. That day happened and I'm so freaking happy that we could make it. She definitely rocks. . . . Venimos de regreso un jueves muchachos. Al fin pude editar estas fotos y dejenme y les cuento un poquito de esto. Desde hace muchisimo tiempo he sido fan fe @thekrisondra y en mi ultimo viaje a los angeles tuve la oportunidad de trabajar con ella. Desde que se quien es ella a sido una de mis modelos favoritas y siempre dije que queria trabajar con ella y ese dia al fin llego.


Trendy Tuesday starts.... NOW. I'm partnering with @loft to bring some color to your weekend at home and I have gone full-on pink over here. This blazer is proof that bold color can make your outfit and even your mood a little bit brighter :) There is no better time to be a #LOFTimist than right now. Staying positive and spreading love will help us get through this. Sending you all lots of love. #ad #LoveLoft


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